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Preventing CommUnity Hunger

Creating a Unity Little Pantry

Recognizing the need for food and other supplies for daily life in southwest Fayetteville, Unity of Fayetteville completed its Little Pantry in January 2018. Wanting to support and be an active part of our local CommUnity, we began our "Second Sunday Sharing," asking our Unity congregation to donate items to keep our pantry stocked. Each Second Sunday, we received nonperishable food items and toiletries for children, babies, adults and pets. Anyone may place or take items inside our Little Pantry at any time.

Located on 4880 West Wedington Road, we are one of few Little Pantries in western Fayetteville. Since 2020 COVID-19, we have helped ease the food anxiety of many nearby community members. Our little pantry is restocked numerous times a week, and we are grateful for the bounty of items that our congregation has donated.





The story of creation reveals that we are to be good caregivers of the creation. Earth Care in Unity is committed to a renewed reverence for life and respects the interdependent web of all existence. We honor our spiritual commitment to the care and support of the balance between our individual needs and those of nature. We envision a world in which everything has intrinsic value and where all beings are assured a secure and meaningful life that is ecologically responsible and sustainable.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”
          ~Desmond Tutu


Urban Forestry Landscape Award presented by the City of Fayetteville

Unity of Fayetteville, A Spiritually Conscious Community is committed to working to ensure that our space, both inside and out, are both environmently and ecologically friendly. 

Whether it is recycling, or creating an ecological environment that is supportive to our natural habitat and native plants we want to be responsible in how we utilize our resources. 

No one project is too small or too great that we cannot achieve our goals when we are mindful, intentional and responsible with what is ours to be stewards over.  We appreciate you and your support as we continue to move forward. 

If you would like to donate your service, talent or financial support, please feel free to email us
at  unityfay@sbcglobal.net    



OUR PROJECT: A Prairie Restoration

Plant ecologist universally agree that prairie is the rarest and most fragmented of North American ecosystems, and the one most in danger of being lost completely. Only 2,000 acres (19%) of the original 2 million acres of tall-grass prairie are left.

The Unity of Fayetteville property, located on 4880 West Wedington Road, is nestled on what used to be the original Prairie Township, documented in the early 1800’s by the U.S. Government Land Survey Records. It is part of the original Osage Prairie, which is in decline due to wheat production by early settlers and today’s urbanization.

Along with the decline of the prairie, many species of plants birds, bees, and important pollinators are also in danger. What was once a robust ecological habitat has now been converted to manicured green grass lawns.

Earth Care in Unity has initiated a project to “Bring back the Prairie,” one grass lawn at a time. Our site is approximately 1.5 acres, and we are committed to converting it back to our natural heritage – the prairie. We are partnering with local organizations such as the Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association, the City of Fayetteville, and the University of Arkansas Agri departments to both learn from the experience as well as educate our community about the many benefits of incorporating Ozark native plants into our landscape.

If you are wondering why our grass is getting ‘out of control’ it is a part of the process. Bermuda and Johnson grass provide no ecological services, therefore we must peel back the layers of these grasses to restore the prairie. Please be patient with us as we are taking sustainable measures to address this ecological concern. Also, feel free to come by and learn more about the Prairie Restoration project, our Community Gardens, and Unity of Fayetteville,a center for conscious living.


  • Sign up Unity of Fayetteville’s monthly newsletter at www.unityfay.org
  • Volunteer with the Prairie Restoration
  • Donate to the causes above


  • Native Plant Conservation
  • EPA
  • Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association
  • Ozark Ecological Restoration, Inc.


Rain gardens are an attractive landscape feature that help to capture and filter stormwater. They work hard to remove pollutants and reduce the amount of water adding to stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff can be harmful to our local waterways because it carries surface pollutants such as oil, grease, fertilizers and pesticides, which can cause imbalances in aquatic ecosystems.
Native plants are utilized in rain gardens because they are adapted to our region and can handle extreme periods of drought and rainfall. They are also attractive to local pollinators and wildlife, have deep root systems that "scrub" pollutants and require less management than traditional landscaping, once established. 
Rain gardens are a simple tool to create a healthy, vibrant landscape that works to improve our waterways and watershed! For more information about rain gardens, please visit http://www.irwp.org