A Prairie Restoration

A Prairie Restoration

Plant ecologist universally agree that prairie is the rarest and most fragmented of North American ecosystems, and the one most in danger of being lost completely. Only 2,000 acres (19%) of the original 2 million acres of tall-grass prairie are left.

The Unity of Fayetteville property, located on 4880 West Wedington Road, is nestled on what used to be the original Prairie Township, documented in the early 1800’s by the U.S. Government Land Survey Records. It is part of the original Osage Prairie, which is in decline due to wheat production by early settlers and today’s urbanization.

Along with the decline of the prairie, many species of plants birds, bees, and important pollinators are also in danger. What was once a robust ecological habitat has now been converted to manicured green grass lawns.

Earth Care in Unity has initiated a project to “Bring back the Prairie,” one grass lawn at a time. Our site is approximately 1.5 acres, and we are committed to converting it back to our natural heritage – the prairie. We are partnering with local organizations such as the Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association, the City of Fayetteville, and the University of Arkansas Agri departments to both learn from the experience as well as educate our community about the many benefits of incorporating Ozark native plants into our landscape.

If you are wondering why our grass is getting ‘out of control’ it is a part of the process. Bermuda and Johnson grass provide no ecological services, therefore we must peel back the layers of these grasses to restore the prairie. Please be patient with us as we are taking sustainable measures to address this ecological concern. Also, feel free to come by and learn more about the Prairie Restoration project, our Community Gardens, and Unity of Fayetteville,a center for conscious living.


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  • Native Plant Conservation
  • EPA
  • Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association
  • Ozark Ecological Restoration, Inc.