Board of Trustees

The greatest responsibility a Board member has is to hold the Spiritual Truth of the membership. Board members have been elected by the membership to represent them – to hold in trust their spiritual home.
The elected members of the Board of Trustees are first and foremost, Truth students. Elected by the membership, the Board, with the Minister/Spiritual Leader sets community policy. The duties and responsibilities of the Board and the Minister/Spiritual Leader are set forth along with the rights of the membership in the by-laws.
Major areas of responsibility
  1. Set policy
  2. Hire/support the Minister/Spiritual Leader
  3. Be an advocate
  4. Fundraise and financial stewardship
  5. Monitor and evaluate
  6. Plan for the future


2020 Board of Trustees:
        President:   Chrysi Black
 Vice President:   Pam Sims
       Secretary:   Tammy Jones
        Treasurer:   Marsha Witt
Members at Large: Betty Williams and Roswitha Collins
Minister: Rev. Annette Olsen
Monthly board meetings are posted on the web-based calendar and included in emails to members and friends of Unity each month. Members are encouraged to attend and hold the sacred space. 


















Back L-R  Betty Williams, Pam Sims, Chrysi Black
Front L-R  Roswitha Collins, Marsha Witt, Tammy Jones, Rev. Annette Olsen