Why Tithe? By Katherine

Why tithe?  Because it works?
For 25 years I’ve been taking or teaching prosperity classes.  Spiritual Masters all teach tithing and it’s principle. They teach it because it works.
I was 6 years into Unity when I graduated from tipper to tither.  I dropped out of my first prosperity class, just couldn’t do it.  I tithed on whatever was left after all my expenses for my second class.  I taught my third class.  I teach to learn - it took.
An amazing class it was. 12 of us bodacious young women.  We tested it, it worked.  All our lives flourished, each of us took a spiritual leap and it paid off.
Today I tithe 12% off the top to Unity of Fayetteville.  I have an amazing life.  But that is not why I tithe.
I tithe because I trust God. I WANT to give to God.  I want to prove God works.  Let me say that again.  I tithe because I trust Love.  I WANT to give to Love.  I want to prove Love works.  I simply have Judith take my tithe from my debit card every month and I just watch in wonder, gratitude and love the  goodness that fills my world.  
My tithe is my investment in authentic living.  I am the evidence that God is alive.
I tithe to Unity of Fayetteville because 85% of my friends, heart centered support, entertainment, spiritual education and collective Oneness comes to me through Unity of Fayetteville.  
I have a passionate desire to see Unity be healthy and abundant.  My life truly is the evidence that tithing works.  So can yours be.  Life is meant to be good.
Lovenough, katherine 


Lovenough, katherine
Spiritual Leader
Unity Silent Retreat Ministry