What I’ve Gleamed From Prosperity+ 3, First Week, by Katherine Guendling

I have a habit of starting a book with the last chapter.  Raymond Holliwell’s “Working with the Law” is included in our Prosperity+ 3 kit.  Naturally, before I even cracked open the first week assignments, I headed to the last chapter of the book. Great fun.  So here’s what I’m enjoying.  

First, I share my paradigm, the lens through which I have translated and paraphrased Holliwell’s ideas.  One of my foundational spiritual building blocks is: “To Know” spiritual truths is of Heart Intelligence; “To Understand” spiritual truths is of Mental/Mind Intelligence; and “To Feel” spiritual truths is from Body/Emotional Intelligence.  Coherence of these three intelligences is my quest. 

These are the ideas that were most meaningful to me on pages 161 – 164. When one understands that the Universe is filled with the presence of God/Love/Law there is nothing (no thing) to fear.  Fear is largely the cause of failures. The only remedy known for fear is understanding.  Understanding is a mental process and requires us to change our thinking to change our understanding.

His advised action to get us to understand that the Universe is filled with the presence of God is to Feel and Know that God/Love/Law is our supply and affirm it constantly. This is an excellent practice, one that works well for me and is getting me through the physical challenges I’ve been dealing with for months and months.

This practice of feeling and knowing that God as my supply is training my mind, changing my thoughts. The Body (feeling) and Heart (knowing) are training the Mind (thinking) by the action of constantly remembering the Truth, and constantly confirming and consenting to the Truth that the Universe is filled with the presence of God/Love and is my supply. 

From here onward I refer to God as Love.  Holliwell writes that the great Love that is FOR me is greater than what I think is against me. When I let Love lead the way, and flow with it, I find myself in the midst of genuine success/prosperity. Genuine Success lies in both the results I obtain and my distribution of those results. The largest kind of genuine success, he writes, not only benefits my fellow beings, it enhances the world.

The key that decides our greater genuine success is a “Constructive State of Mind” aka “Successful Attitude” aka “Can Do Attitude.”  “Can do” people discover they can do things and this idea activates their dormant faculties and powers; stirs them into activity; thrills them with the desire to advance; and inspires them to get things done as they move into greater genuine success/prosperity. The same faculties and powers dwell within all humanity. The only difference is in the degree of our development or the degree of our demonstration.

This is just delicious, he writes that I cannot aspire to benefit my fellow beings and enhance the world unless I already have the power to succeed. The desire, the aspiration, to advance implies that the power to advance exists.  We are set up for success.  The only thing for us to do is get the fear out of the way.

I claim my “can do-ness” and have given myself additional homework for this class to “Raise my degree of demonstration.” 

I invite you to join me in my new affirmation: To the best of my abilities I Feel and Know and Understand the Presence of Love in my life now, in the Presence of Love I have nothing to fear.  I feel and know that Love is my source and I affirm it, claim it, and consent to it constantly.  I Feel and Know a “Can Do Attitude.”  My faculties and powers are activated.  I am thrilled by the desire to advance; inspired to get things done; and have moved into a greater kind of genuine success.  I reap the harvest resulting from the actions led by my coherent heart, body, and mind. I distribute them lovingly.  It Is So!

May my life be the evidence of these teachings, may my harvest benefit you and enhance the world.  Now onward to my Commitment, my Mission, listening to the CD, journaling the Law of Thinking and my self-assessment, more fun awaits.


Lovenough, katherine

Think about it.  What are the results you are obtaining, the harvest you are reaping, right now?  How are you distributing the harvest you are reaping?  How are your results benefiting humankind?  How are they enhancing the world?  I’m spending time contemplating these questions with my higher Self.  I’m being pleasantly reminded of how I make a difference.  You?  Try it, you may be pleasantly surprised.