We interrupt this program...

Remember those tv broadcasts?  We interrupt this program...please stand by... Well some of you may not remember this image and yes the image has changed over the years but the gist of this post is about pattern interuptions. More signicantly, your patterns and mine. 

This subject is way bigger than a blog post.

Maybe even a lifetime but nonetheless here are a few words I have been thinking about. 

This is has been going on for awhile now.

First, I noticed I generally always put on and take off my left shoe first. Then I noticed I prefer the red coffee cup to all the others and I almost always take the same route no matter where I go. I clear my throat when I am thinking about something I don't like or find uncomfortable. When I hear a song I like I play it over and over a gazillion times. Yeah, the might be a little OCD but then what is that mostly about... patterns. 

I can't say that I am generally that quick at pattern recognition. But I have begun to notice them more and more. Of course the readings, the studying, and the conversations for the past couple of years have been about identifying our patterns and the value in doing so if a person wants to make changes in their lives. The bigger question for me now is when has the pattern outlived it's usefulness in my life. How comfortable am I in changing directions? Putting on the right shoe first? I can say fully...not that comfortable, nope, more like kicking and screaming I go! But we have heard it enough times now to know in all of this there is value in learning to do something new or creative, and that these new things can inspire and helps us to want to connect to something more. 

Lots of studies on writing with your opposite hand, or taking another route to work...anything to give your patterns a jolt of awareness. I totally agree with these practices but what is there to gain for us to do something different? Perspective comes to mind. Mind mapping as well. You know, making new connections in the brain. Oh oh, I see a Joe Dispenza link coming... yep, here it is. => Here <= 

Here's a question for your brain. Are you running on automatic pilot most of the time too?  I think most of us are.

Second question, do you see value in changing it up here and there?

The outcome?


New nueral pathways?

Waking up?

Do we have to wait for something big to happen in our lives before we "wake up" (clear my throat) maybe that's just my life? 

Patterns, yep we need them. They're useful until they're not. 

Those emergency broadcast interruptions only tended to last a minute or two. Maybe that's all the awareness we need in the moment 

to make a change?

Totally, your call. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep


Nama-stay-in-the-flow~ Tammy

ps... yes my weird views are uniquely my own