Remembering Those Who Are Hurting

This past Sunday, Rev Annette rang the bell out 29 times for those who had lost their lives

in the shootings this weekend in Texas and Ohio. I found it very moving to take a few moments to listen

to the singing bowl remind us that this wasn’t just a news event,  but another tragic loss of lives. 


We we have all dealt with losses and can use our compassionate selves to sit with grief, pain and suffering.

It is not meant to feel powerless over events beyond our control but to remember those who are gone and those

left behind with all their questionings, fears and challenges. If you pray, pray. If you sing, sing. If you have a 

story, tell it. Let your own essence and voice be heard ringing out today. 

Here is a beloved prayer used all throughout Unity. It's the "Prayer of Protection." 

If you find comfort in this prayer share it with someone who may need comfort and compassion


The light of God surrounds is; The love of God enfolds is; The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watched over us; Wherever we are God is! ~ James Dillet Freeman


Listen to today's message here: Aug 4th, 2019



Tammy Jones