We had a great service at Unity today with Marilyn Harper and then the workshop that followed. Marilyn's energy, humor and practical integration of spiritual principles was very powerful and great fun today. Loved the examples and "walk throughs" on learning how to tap into more of our wisdom and guidance and moving beyond what we typically tend to focus on.  

During the service, both the Daily Word (Unity publication) and Marilyn's talk included the word "possibility" in them. It was inspiring knowing that I was also thinking about this as the topic for today's writing. I don't know about you but the more time I spend in meditation and the more I do that helps me feel more connected to Source (put in your own word) the more synchronicities I see. I don't think there are more synchronicities, I just think I am able to see more of what is already there. I have been thinking about this word for awhile now mostly because I have contemplated what kinds of changes I would like to see in my life and what place to I want to create from that's different than where I've been before. 

So, possibilities.  I could give you the dictionary definition but I will let you do that if you are inclinded. So, again, possibilities. Where do they come from? Do they come from nothing? Are they an outgrowing of the images we hold inside? Are they intentions? Thoughts and beliefs? I have heard many things over the years in my own spiritual seeking but so many things seem different these days. Marilyn mentioned in her talk today that how we used to do things before no longer works. I've been hearing this a lot lately.  I also had this same converstation with someone earlier in the week.  I guess it could be described as a feeling that there is a differnt drum beating througout the universe. 

One thing I am noticing is a yearning for life to unfold with more grace, ease and wisdom. For me, when there is a feeling as deep as a "yearning" then the out-picturing of whatever that is tends to be close at hand. Is there a new wave?   A new field? If you tune in there seems to be plenty of evidence that something is happening. I refer to something out there but I really believe it's both inside and out. It's beyond the idea of awakening. It's the experiental part. The part where you mix in all the ingrediants and put it into "being."  

You may call it humanity, God, Oneness or Source. I just love knowing there is a unified field. A place of connectedness. You. Me. Us. I also love knowing that this field is big enough for all of us, and all that we are able to ever dream or imagine. My dreams don't infringe upon yours or your dreams mine. So, whether I choose to play in the metaphorical garden or plant a seedling in a cup my expectations regarding change and possibilities are evolving.  

Now to tap into that field with more grace and ease as I have this experience. Possibilities.  


Nama-stay-in-the-flow~ Tammy 

Dare I dream? Unclouded by past emotions...Inspired from a deeper place. This place called possibilities. 



You can read more about Marilyn Harper here ==> https://www.adironndaspiritualhealer.com/holographic-healing/