Open your hands, if you want to be held

Open Your Hands, If You Want to Be Held
By Kayley Walker
     About a month ago I dreamt of a caterpillar. Spirit has been speaking and opening my eyes and ears to learning a lot more about the metaphysical process of caterpillars into butterflies. Synchronicities showing up everywhere! For example, on one of the podcast I listen to, the host brought up caterpillars and stages of rebirth. One of the most fascinating things I learned was that before and during the chrysalis stage there are actual cells, called Imaginal discs that survive after the caterpillar sort of ‘gives up’ and hangs upside down - cocoons.  
During the process, The IMAGINAL (imagination!) discs/cells ultimately multiply and consume the entire caterpillar - turning it into complete goop. The complete goop (imaginal discs aka *imagination*) is what evolves and transforms into the beautiful butterfly! 
Anyway, I’ve been shedding a lot of layers lately. Going through my own stages of rebirth. After service on Sunday I walked the labyrinth for only the second time in my life. At the center I ‘redecorated’ with things (rocks, crystals, seashells, etc.) that were carefully left behind by others. I felt so drawn to create/allow and be playful. An hour passed by. Messages of “pay attention it’s all here”  “NOTICE” “allow, accept, release” emerged. 
Walking away I looked down and spotted a beautiful monarch butterfly. We connected for quite some time: held each other. Spirit spoke and I thought of a Rumi quote “Open your hands, if you want to be held”. 
Here are a couple of photos. Thank you for letting me share and thank you Annette for holding the abundance classes. I am GRATEFUL for your sweet spirit and dedication to helping others see their light through Spirit. 
***Also I just realized that on the unity newsletter there is literally a picture of a caterpillar. ‘The courage to Imagine’