Love Notes From Unity of Fayetteville

Welcome to Unity of Fayetteville Love Notes

We take time to celebrate love in many forms during the month of February and thought it would be nice to share what others from Unity of Fayetteville want to say to you.  

It is our hope that you enjoy these heart-felt inspired offerings...

A Meditation on the Truth of Who We Are:

In the past, I often felt that who I was in this life was not good enough, that there was something in me that fell short of expectations, I did not know how to love myself and I certainly was not worthy of God’s love. But the truth is; I am a Child of God and I was created in love! I am PURE PERFECT SPIRIT playing in body form and no matter what happens in this lifetime, there is nothing I can do that will ever cause Source to stop loving me.

As you go into the quiet, reflect on the truth of who you are. See yourself as perfect spirit filled with the love, the peace and the joy of the Creator! Know that you are also a creator, that you are unlimited, fearless and abundant! Fill your body with the warm loving light of Source, feel each cell in your body vibrate in perfect health, vitality and love! During your reflection, if you suddenly remember a time when you felt unloved and less than perfect. Remind yourself that at that time, you were just caught up in the drama of life and had forgotten the truth of who you really are, then return to your truth as perfect spirit loved by God!


I love the beauty of the hearts...of every person here today! 




Is love an emotion?  Is love a power?  Is love a fantasy?  Th more I learn about love, the more I realize that the real LOVE is beyond what our human mind can actually comprehend.

I love you until you cheat on me or we get a divorce.

I love you as long as you grow up and do what I think is best for you.

I love that puppy dog or little kitten.

Is love that kind of emotion?

LOVE is something that we recognize in ourselves for ourselves.  Real LOVE, compassion, respect, etc. blossoms only when we first love ourselves.  When we start that process, we find all the reasons/excuses why we do not love our self.

Saying I LOVE YOU to myself, out loud, brought up a lot of ridicule, shame, resentment, embarrassment even some anger that I didn’t know was in me.

Thanks to Matt Kahn’s[1] teachings, I am breaking through those little reasons/excuses and I am loving myself more each day.

Jim Self [2] introduces that REAL LOVE is not just an emotion, but an element.  Maybe the ultimate element that brings all the other elements of life back to balance and harmony.

Calling on this REAL LOVE brings us back to our true essence becoming more fun and way more powerful that I had thought possible.  Further, it just wasn’t the way I was programmed.  I wasn’t taught what REAL LOVE is.  Maybe because not many people know or even still don’t know.

What I do know is that I was in the little box of thinking.  The more I love myself; the more I am able to LOVE others and my little box gets bigger.  Maybe the element of real LOVE has no box big enough to contain it.

Maybe I don’t need to have a box.  A box to put judgements in,  box to put expectations in a box to put limitations in.  Maybe you can join me and we can live without limitations.  But then again, that means we have to look that fear right in the eye, see that shame and blame and say goodby.

Rick Blough, Qi-Gong of Sedona


[1] Matt Kahn – “Whatever Arises, Love That”

[2] Jim Self – “A Course in Mastering Alchemy”


Notes from the Writing Class

Dear Love Notes, 

I love candy

I love green

I love the little way you smile at me.

I love red, too

And I love blue

I am an American, through & through

This is what happens When I 

see love

I love the Arkansas forests all around

I love my dog

I love my cat.

I love my Unity cause that's where the heart is at

Thank you for today

Thank you for tomorrow

I'll live each day in a way without any sorrow. 

From a friend 

Unity - The house that we built out of Love...

Love for out community

Love for one another.

Love for ourselves


The opportunity we have to find love in all we do. 

Celebrate Love every day in your own way. 

It will bring even more Love! 


Dear Lord, 

I know now what I didn't know then. I have many loving people, and many loving moments in my life.

Moments and people as far back as my great grandparents, and as recent as my neice, nephew and friends. Thank you Lord

for all of the beautiful things of my life and for the Unity I have with all. 


Oh Divine Master, 

I do want to love you more

But in my human-ness

I also want to be loved. 

Give me grace, I pray, 

To walk here with my Relation's in a

river of love. Give me grace, I pray

To be the love. 

Let me be only love. 

Rev. Victoria

Love speaks to me in ways I don't always understand,

but I love for her hand standing around the bend

calling me forth

never ending

Patience persevering and gentleness flowering, she pullsme on forever growing. 


A Shared Rumi Poem. 

A lover asked his beloved,

Do you love yourself more than you love me?

Beloved replied, I have died to myself and I live for you. 

I've disappeared from myself and my attributes,

I am present only for you. 

I've forgotten all my learnings,

but from knowing you I've become a scholar.

I've lost all my strength, but from your power I am able. 

I love myself...I love you.

I love you...I love myself.


Love starts & ends with truly, fully & undconditionally

loving yourself...and so it is! 

My heart intertwines sweetly in your essence and care

of this growing community. 

This song was suggested by one of our members. "Give Love"

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Unity is full of Love

Thru and Thru


You are wonderful no matter what everyone else says. 

You are loved by many so keep being you.

With love from,