Languid by Charity Clark

Languidly I came to awareness.  That word, that thought, seeping through my being.  I don’t think I’ve ever thought of languid as a feeling before.  But here it is, this soft, accepting, relaxing thing moving in it’s own time.  There’s something I’ve never had before, not really, not in this context.  Languidly I stretch my sleepy body, and allow myself to delve into what this is.  It’s a luxury like no other. 
    There’s a peace with the world on hold.  Subjugated to my home, a time with only one rule, bask in yourself.  Here I’m free to meander, and in this small space that may not seem like much, but it’s amazing.  This free fall into the unknown.  No worries, no concerns, those can wait until there are choices again. 
    Languid is a suspending of time.  Here in the land of languid there are no demands.  My mind gets to make its own way through the day, dreaming, thinking, writing, planning.  It gets to jump from thing to thing with no pressure to settle anywhere.  I think of the hundred things I should get done, could get done, while I have all this time on my hands, but so far I’m waiting to start those things. No pressure.  Those are simply distractions readily available when I get tired of this naturalness of life.  This flow of just being.  The natural ease of tiredness and sleep, waking with no alarm, no plans, and no need to jump at the beck and call of the world. 
    Here I can languish in languid all day, let myself lead the way.  What kind of nothing do I want to do today?  I can enjoy the warmth of the sun, and the birds singing.  Watch the dogs run in and out all day long, they have important missions.  I can see the foggy morning as beautiful rather than as cold and daunting, because today I don’t have to go out in it. The cat sits on the windowsill swishing tail, back and forth, finding watching oh so stimulating. 
    My mind says, there’s dishes that need done, we could watch t.v., maybe we could...  I smile at myself and say, later, we have all the time we need.  And because I can, and I’m not ready yet to leave this new place I’ve found, this languid, I slip back down under the covers, listen to the sounds of the world go by outside.  Wrapped in this extraordinary experience I’ve been given, time suspended in daydreams.