Imagination is a Gift by Peg Coffee

Imagination Is a Gift


         The book of Genesis says we were created in God’s image. I believe that means God created us with an imagination. Of course our human imagination does not compare to the Supreme Ultimate Imagination that created the cosmos, but it does allow us to create never the less. Young children create ceaselessly and often exhibit hyperactive enthusiasm with each new idea they encounter. If they are lucky, they are allowed to pretend many years before someone tells them it’s not cool to live in a fantasy world. Not having many playmates, I was forced to use my imagination when I played. No, I didn’t have imaginary friends, but a box could be a castle and a stick could be a magic wand. My toys took on life and became my playmates. Tommy, my favorite life-sized doll became my prince charming, and my dollhouse was full of noisy chatter. Sometimes the little family argued about cleaning the house or walking the dog. My tiny teddy bear was a jockey that rode my stuffed Scotty dog that was a thoroughbred racehorse. Naturally they won every race they entered including the Kentucky Derby. I was lucky in that my parents delighted in my fantasies. Sometimes Mommy played along telling me she had eyes in the back of her head. I knew it was true because Mommy knew about every mess I made. When children are told to grow up and act their age, they may begin to think that using an imagination is not cool. Of course this is not true. Imagination makes any life pleasurable. Literature, logic, mathematical and scientific inquiry are important but without the arts how can we express our discoveries and find new ones.  

From the imagination of Peg Coffey

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