Heart-To-Heart: Volunteers Give of Themselves and Receive So Much More!

The variety of volunteer opportunities is enormous in our Unity of Fayetteville commUnity. Last October as the Christmas Party Coordinator, I began asking for different congregants to assist in many ways.  The response was amazing! Toward the end of preparing for the party, I realized there was so much willingness to help. People genuinely felt good about being asked and fulfilling a need. We ended up with 33 congregants (anyone that walks through our doors) helping. I might add, our total membership at Unity of Fayetteville is 46. Just amazing! No one is required to be a member in order to be a part of many of our Unity of Fayetteville volunteer opportunities.

It was a beautiful experience for me, and I believe for those who stepped forward. Later, I began thinking, perhaps it was truly an Awareness of individuals appreciate being asked to participate or give of themselves which allows them to feel a oneness with others. That Awareness has grown in me recently, as one of the Christmas volunteers stated, “It is nice to be asked. When you’re new to something, you’re never sure if they want your help, but it helped me to begin to feel more like I belonged.” With that, please understand that if you are here and you keep coming back, you belong. We are happy that you have joined us.

I believe there is purpose for exactly where you are and who you are. There are no mistakes as to how or why you end up here; you belong. We know there is no time or space in the activity of Spirit. If you see something you feel you might like to do, let someone know. You may speak with Rev. Annette or write down your interest and drop it in the offertory bowl or prayer box.

It has been and continues to be a pleasure to see so many people engaging & taking on new responsibilities. There are many smiling faces & new brighter lights turning on within each of us! Every one of you adds to the bountiful blessings in the future of Unity of Fayetteville. It gives me such a pleasure to meet first time visitors and have them say “It feels like home!”

Thank you for finding the path to Unity of Fayetteville!  And, one more time, thank you for your support of our wonderful Christmas Party; we couldn’t have done it without you! From my heart to yours, Welcome home and welcome to our Unity of Fayetteville family.

Rosa Rubay, LUT

Prayer Chaplain Coordinator