Am I Seeing or Just Looking?

More Noticing What You Notice

I was up at Unity this morning watering a few of the potted plants and  just couldn't help but admire how beautiful everything looks. Even with the hotter tempartures the landscape still delivers it's "ooohs and aaaaws" when you stop to look around. Let's share a blessing with those that tend to each part of the place we go to each week for our nourishment, both inside and outside. It doesn't have to be an out loud kind of blessing it can be done silently and intentionally or thank them with a hug if you prefer. You will know who they are. Most likley they'll have a tan and bug bites. :) 

As I walked to the west side to turn the water on and water the plants a Robin landed just a few feet away from me. I couldn't help but smile when I saw him I said "I see you" as he hopped around in a circle a few times before flying away. As I was finishing and going to the parking lot another Robin landed on the Visitor's Parking sign right in front of me and chirpped rather loudly as I walked by. I told him I saw him too. He didn't seem quite so interested in what I had to say, but I took notice that he was there as well. Such a simple thing to see someone or some thing, or so it seems.  

What do you see right now, in this moment. A person, a child, your pet, a plant? Your space? You in your space?

Just for a moment, reflect on how you feel when you are seen? Really seen. Do you chirp loudly and hop around in circles like Mr. Robin did with me earlier or are you feeling more like an occupant on the visitor's sign?

It's been on my mind a lot lately about how I relate to my environment, my words, my thoughts and feelings. Learning more and more about presence and the power of present time I find my mind more relaxed and less stressed or preoccupied with fruitless meanderings. When I do ramble down the path of asbsent-mindedness I recognize that it takes me to a place that is no longer comforting or helpful as I once believed it to be. Ah another myth buster. That's another day. For right now it's about intentional awarenss, recognition and seeing.

I don't do it perfectly but it's perfect enough for now. 

See yourself. Not to judge or to belittle but to recognize your true beauty and power inside and out. Your truest of true essence. 

Hop around the tree. Smile. And if the occassion calls for it... chirp loudly.