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Heart-To-Heart: Volunteers Give of Themselves and Receive So Much More!

The variety of volunteer opportunities is enormous in our Unity of Fayetteville commUnity. Last October as the Christmas Party Coordinator, I began asking for different congregants to assist in many ways.  The response was amazing! Toward the end of preparing for the party, I realized there was so much willingness to help. People genuinely felt good about being asked and fulfilling a need. We ended up with 33 congregants (anyone that walks through our doors) helping. I might add, our total membership at Unity of Fayetteville is 46. Just amazing!

We interrupt this program...

Remember those tv broadcasts?  We interrupt this program...please stand by... Well some of you may not remember this image and yes the image has changed over the years but the gist of this post is about pattern interuptions. More signicantly, your patterns and mine. 

This subject is way bigger than a blog post.

Maybe even a lifetime but nonetheless here are a few words I have been thinking about. 

This is has been going on for awhile now.


We had a great service at Unity today with Marilyn Harper and then the workshop that followed. Marilyn's energy, humor and practical integration of spiritual principles was very powerful and great fun today. Loved the examples and "walk throughs" on learning how to tap into more of our wisdom and guidance and moving beyond what we typically tend to focus on.  

Am I Seeing or Just Looking?

More Noticing What You Notice

I was up at Unity this morning watering a few of the potted plants and  just couldn't help but admire how beautiful everything looks. Even with the hotter tempartures the landscape still delivers it's "ooohs and aaaaws" when you stop to look around. Let's share a blessing with those that tend to each part of the place we go to each week for our nourishment, both inside and outside. It doesn't have to be an out loud kind of blessing it can be done silently and intentionally or thank them with a hug if you prefer. You will know who they are.

What's One Minute?

I've been reading "A Course in Mastering Alchemy" by Jim Self and Roxanne Burnett. Sometimes I feel I am always a little late to the metaphysical party... for those of you who subscribe to such things. :)  I have to say this book has been very inspiring to me in terms of working on getting more grounded, looking at thoughts and feelings without trying so hard to "fix" anything.

Did You Hear That?

It's a beautiful sunshiny day here in Northwest Arkansas. As I have been sitting here thinking about the ideas and words for this blog the branches on the tree outside my window caught my attention just now. While I know the focus for the next several blog entries will be on Eric Butterworth's book "In the Flow of Life" I couldn't help allowing my thoughts to wonder about the tree, it's branches, the leaves and the natural flow happening right here in front me. 

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