What's One Minute?

I've been reading "A Course in Mastering Alchemy" by Jim Self and Roxanne Burnett. Sometimes I feel I am always a little late to the metaphysical party... for those of you who subscribe to such things. :)  I have to say this book has been very inspiring to me in terms of working on getting more grounded, looking at thoughts and feelings without trying so hard to "fix" anything. It's a little bit like Eric Butterworth's ideas about stepping out of our own resistance and stepping into the flow without all the mental contortions we sometimes put ourselves through...well I do, anyway ("In The Flow," we are currently reading in our Spirit Group).

In Lesson 6 of the Mastering Alchemy book, Jim is talking about time and more specifically our awareness to the present moment and even has you shutting your eyes and opening your eyes throughout a meditation just to help show you how present you are or are not in that moment. I have found it to be so helpful in noticing what I am noticing throughout the day. Thoughts that fly in, judgements, memories. All of these help me become more aware of the moment. I had a little laugh at myself when I told myself out loud it would be a miracle if I could just master one minute at a time. Then it dawned on me that this one minute is where its all happening! This one minute is where creation begins. At least the creation for that minute, then the next, then the next... yeah I know, don't drag out the moment. 

While I know minutes make hours, days and years I'm really curious what miracles I notice right now right in front of me. What thought, what feeling, what situation or person, what's mine, what's theirs and how do I masterfully stay in the flow in this one minute. I don't know where you are in all of life at the moment but I hope you see a miracle unfolding right before your very eyes. Creation. Present moment. Life Unfolding. 



Tammy Jones

ps...please note my weird thoughts are uniquely my own...that's my disclaimer.