Ordinary Moments by Rosa Rubay

 "Ordinary Moments" is something I decided to walk with for an entire day, not long ago.  A dear friend had related to me that she was reading a book called The Way of Mastery.  A thought in this book that she was contemplating was this, “I do not live any ordinary moments, with each breath my experiences are the stepping stones laid before me of God to guide me home.”
She had shared this with me. We often shared, yet on this day I had many thoughts about this unique quote. The most judgmental thought I had was, “God to guide me home”?  Where was home? God doesn’t guide me!  I’m God’s home.  Don’t we say God lives in us?  Then I decided I was going to walk with the consciousness that each breath was a stepping stones for the entire day. Although I was still wondering where home could be, I went about my decided task.
This is what I came to realize. Each ordinary moment leads me to understand that each new moment is genuine, a point in my lineage that I will never experience again. At first breathe, I became anxious, with a sense that I must do it right. Then I reached a point that I asked, "What is right?". I sit in the silence not knowing, just being, pondering, contemplating.
Next came, pleasing to my soul - a positive feeling within - an appreciation - a true sense of well-being.  Okay, I can define this for myself, I thought. AH! Is home then the stillness within? Peace, serenity, silence, quiet time within, home?
Later came a resolve that my life is good. I am happy. I am well. I am pleased with who I've become in this life time. Yet, I know that my thoughts of the outer may be avoidance to spending more time within.
Then came the questions to self. Why push so much? Do I preoccupy my time with things outside of me to move away from self?  To go home, to examine the I am?
NO! I exclaimed within and this stuck with me for a long while. If I am claiming that God is within me, why wouldn’t I want to sit in the quiet, walk in the quiet and just be in the quiet forever?
I began to remember, why I am here.  I am a vessel, a servant. If I rest in the meditative state all day long how can I serve?
So… what do you think?  Are you ready to take a few hours with this concept of the “Ordinary Moment”?  It may help you better define who you truly are, or why you are here, even what you should be doing. Give yourself the opportunity of realizing there are no ordinary moments, every moment of everyday offers something entirely new for you. And, if you are aware of your opportunities, you just may realize how abundant your life truly is!  Is your “home”, your place of comfort something outside of you?