I Am Blessed

This past Sunday's talk by Rev Annette were the many ways we learn to reconize how we are "Blessed." I often find when my world feels turned "upside down" the quickest way to feeling centered again is aknowledging where in my life I can express genuine gratitude and appreciation. This seems to take me down the "I Am Blessed" path. Which in turn, creates opportunities to connect to an ever expanding awareness of the inner and outer workings of "spirit." Isn't it amazing when you stop to think about this? The inner and outer workings of life, showing up as me, you...us...

Here, I realize blessings come in infinite forms and possibilities. 

My wish, hope and prayer for you today is that you connect to the essence of who you truly are... no matter if you are sitting in your garden, chasing young children around the house or simply going about your daily business. You are blessed. You are the Blessing.  

Blessings ~Tammy