Did You Hear That?

It's a beautiful sunshiny day here in Northwest Arkansas. As I have been sitting here thinking about the ideas and words for this blog the branches on the tree outside my window caught my attention just now. While I know the focus for the next several blog entries will be on Eric Butterworth's book "In the Flow of Life" I couldn't help allowing my thoughts to wonder about the tree, it's branches, the leaves and the natural flow happening right here in front me. 

I smiled when I thought to myself, I have never heard the leaves screaming don't let me unfold in the spring or drop in the fall...now I call that "the flow."

Lest I get too wordy or clever for my own good, (which generally means I will confuse the heck out of you) I will move along here with the gist of my thinking. In a nutshell I suppose I could summarize it as "Doing vs Being" with the first one being the one most familiar to me througout my life. Yes, when I look at the leaves I know there is plenty of "doing" but I also believe this world has the "being" down just as well. Could me being more aware of the cycles in this tree lead me to a better understanding about cycles in my own life? Often times I feel like I am pushing when I should be pulling and pulling when I should be pushing... I am pretty sure that is a common feeling among many. 

So, what about this flow... could it be easier than I have made it in my life? 

My approach to reading this book this time around is different. It's not just about devouring the principle and putting it into quick work full of hope for a prosperous outcome. It's more about assimilation.

One of the major concepts in the first chapter is centered on living life from within-out. I am pretty sure the leaves on the tree have me beat on that one! Thank goodness it's not a real competition. 

One of the major themes throughout the book is The Kingdom of God is Within.  Hmmm... I wonder if this 'kingdom' will reveal itself just like the leaves did? :)

Here's to whatever realm in your own kingdom... you find yourself in today...may it be ever unfolding in your own unique and beautful splendor.

Nama-stay-with-the flow~ Tammy