Awakenings Dec 2017

Some of us here at Unity of Fayetteville are continuing with our "Spirit Group" and we are reading Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakenings.  If you are familiar with Mark Nepo you will no doubt enjoy the simple reminders that "life shows up" for us daily. Whether it's by an inspired reading, an insight through meditation, or a nudge by those things that some may find "otherwordly" there is no exhausting the universal good unfolding in our lives. 

Here is an example from one of our readings this week. 

The daily reading from this book on Dec 8th, begins with-

"In the Source-Place"

Take a pitcher full of water and set it down in the water-now it has water inside and water outside. We mustn't give it a name, lest silly people start talking again about the body and the soul. - Kabir "pg. 403-404"

For me, it's a not-so-simple reminder of Oneness. I say not-so-simple because while on one hand you could say the "Oneness" is easy to grasp if you have had the experience of oneness, it's not so easy if you are struggling in your brain to understand what it means as a concept. 

Much like life showing up daily. Easier to say than to recognize. 

What do you recognize showing up for you today? A nudge, a whisper... a loud banging on the door? (Interesting that the door bell just rang with a nice young man wanting to sell me new windows...perhaps a nudge for me to be more "open.")


Tammy Jones